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Aviation radio KRT2-L Mini Landscape

Aviation radio KRT2-L Mini Landscape

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Short description

TFT colour display
suitable for sunlight
super compact
minimal power consumption
Integrated 2-place-Intercom, voice controlled
ETSO, TSO, FCC approval
Digital technology

Manual & Installation Instructions

Product properties
The TQ-KRT2-L Mini Landscape aviation radio is one of the most modern aircraft radios on the market.
Lowest weight, most compact dimensions, lowest power consumption are made possible by the highly digitized technology.
A brilliant TFT colour display suitable for sunlight, an
integrated voice-controlled intercom and intuitive operation result in an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

General data/basic data
Channels: 2278
• Weight: approx. 350 g
Dimensions: 146.2 x 63 x 46 mm

Technical data
Type: 8,33 / 25 kHz VHF-Radio Transceiver

Frequency range:117.975 - 137.000 MHz

Power consumption: gesamt: 0.2 - 1.0 A (depending on the number of queries) Send: 17 - 30 W (depending on the respective modulation) Standby: 1 - 1.4 W (depending on display brightness setting)

Operating voltage: 9 - 30 V DC

Transmission power: 6 W @ ≥ 13.5 V

Operating temperature: -20°C ... +55°C

Max. Operating height: 35.000 ft

Approvals: EASA.21O.10038036; FCC

Concord:Sender: EUROCAE ED-23C Class 4, 6, RTCA DO-186B Class 4, 6
Receiver: EUROCAE ED-23C Class C-D-E-H1/2, RTCA DO-186B Class C-D-E
• Environment: RTCA DO-160F / ED14F

• Software: RTCA DO-178C / ED12C Level D
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