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PNR Aviation Headsets UFQ-P4

 PNR Aviation Headsets  UFQ-P4
  •  PNR Aviation Headsets  UFQ-P4
  •  PNR Aviation Headsets  UFQ-P4

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Flying with the UFQ aviation headsets, you would entirely enjoy full-spectrum noise attenuation and reduction, comfortable fit and clearer sound. An innovative aviation communication headset designed for the excellent challenges pilots of all types of aircraft encounter. We have the unique acoustic attenuation technologies, which unmatched combination of benefits is available in our well-designed UFQ Active Noise Reduction Pilot Headset.

PNR Aviation Headset

GA Use Dual plugs
Molded cord assembly made to exceptional pull and flex standards
Noise-canceling microphone
Strong steel Boom provides flexibility and steady microphone placement
Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM
Color: Black,

Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR):24dB

Type: Dynamic (F40)
Frequency Response:100Hz to 8 kHz
Sensitivity:95+/-5 dB SPL
(1 kHz, 1 mW input per earcup side)
full volume on ear simulator
Impedance:150 ohms (300 ohms each; wired in parallel)
Rate Input:100mW
Max. Input: 250mW
Microphone and Amplifier:
Element Type: Noise-canceling
Frequency Response:100Hz to 5 kHz
Operating Voltage (supplied by aircraft ):8-32 Volts DC
Matching Impedance: 150-1000 ohms
Sensitivity:-33+/-4 dB
(ref: 0dB SPL=20.0uPa at 1 kHz with 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)


Operating Temperature: -20 to 70°C
Cordage: Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM
Intercom Connections Plug:
Earphone Plug: PJ-055( .25"F6.3 phone plug)
Microphone Plug:PJ-068( .206"F5.2 phone plug)
Golden plated connectors
Headset size range Height: 10 to 14 cm
Color: Black
Boom: flexible boom
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